D1936/001/01 - Verified Marine records from Indicia-based surveys

Subject Miscellaneous
Species Groups Alga [47], Annelid [2], Bony Fish (Actinopterygii) [12], Bryozoan [1], Cartilagenous Fish (Chondrichthyes) [5], Chromist [15], Coelenterate (=Cnidarian) [63], Comb Jelly (Ctenophora) [2], Crustacean [41], Echinoderm [10], Sponge (Porifera) [9], Tunicate (Urochordata) [7]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name General: UK
Geographic Coverage Notes UK wide but consists of ad hoc reports so geographic coverage coverage variable.
Dataset Owner Marine Biological Association
Dataset Contact Jon Parr
Date Range 1985 - 2017
Total Records 214
Restriction Details Standard Restrictions Only
Acknowledgements The Marine Biological Association (NBN Download, 22/01/2020)
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Original Title Verified Marine records from Indicia-based surveys
Purpose Collected voluntarily. iSpot records are recorded by members of the public wishing to have identifications confirmed and records from iRecord and the MBA Recording scheme are reported sightings from a wide range of recorders.
Capture Methods Records captured using Indicia-based surveys.
Verification/Validation Procedures All data has been verified using the iRecord verification system, by relevent Taxonomic Experts or Organisations with conderable taxonomic expertise.
Dataset Category Category 03: Dataset originates from other trusted source
Dataset Status Not Known
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 23/01/2020