D1639/001/03 - Marine Non-native species records from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) monitoring research and ad-hoc sightings (Records from the Cofnod area)

Subject Miscellaneous/Invasive Non-Natives
Abstract This dataset comprised marine surveys undertaken by the Natural Resources Wales (and previously Countryside Council for Wales) for Marine alien and non-native species, currently held in Marine Recorder. The surveys represent ongoing non-native monitoring, sightings and ad-hoc records of invasive and non-native species supplied to NRW or noted outside of other research and monitoring work.
Species Groups Alga [19], Annelid [116], Bony Fish (Actinopterygii) [18], Bryozoan [294], Cartilagenous Fish (Chondrichthyes) [15], Chromist [46], Coelenterate (=Cnidarian) [257], Crustacean [277], Echinoderm [101], Mollusc [142], Sponge (Porifera) [104], Tunicate (Urochordata) [278], Undetermined [2]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name General: Wales
Geographic Coverage Notes All Wales, although the majority of data is collected for habitats know to be colonised by non-native species, such as ports and harbours.
Dataset Owner Natural Resources Wales
Dataset Contact Barnaby Letheren
Date Range 2001 - 2016
Total Records 1669
Restriction Details Restrictions Icon All records restricted to 1m for Approved Users and 100m for everyone else
Acknowledgements Natural Resources Wales (NBN download 23/01/2020)
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Original Title Marine Non-native species records from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) monitoring research and ad-hoc sightings
Temporal Coverage Notes From 1993 onwards.
Module Description Records from the Cofnod area
Purpose The purpose of this data capture was to collate and monitor the spread of non-native species in Wales. These collations of datasets contains records specifically for Sargassum muticum around Wales, and ad hoc macro-algae invasive species around Welsh marinas and invasive crab species within the Dee Estuary.
Capture Methods Field observations and incidental records taken by field staff. Presence or absence surveys of marinas around Wales. Fyke netting within estuaries.
Verification/Validation Procedures The majority of the data where recorded by experienced staff or are verified with known experts and staff through the use of photographs, video or specimens, however volunteer records are also included.
Dataset Category Category 03: Dataset originates from other trusted source
Dataset Status Data Collection Ongoing
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 28/01/2020