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An incredible 277 people participated in the Garden BioBlitz across Wales on the 30th May 2020. All together we managed to generate 6243 records representing 1430 different species! Impressive stats, particularly as we were largely recording in our own gardens, rather than pristine nature reserves.

In the Cofnod area alone 69 recorders took part, finding 631 species and making 1383 records. Over 35% of Cofnod records were invertebrates, 33% were plants and 27% were birds. The top five most recorded species in the Cofnod area were all birds: Blackbird, Jackdaw, Blue tit, House sparrow and Wood Pigeon. Records are still coming in via the Cofnod ORS, so it’s not too late to submit your records.

It was great fun being part of this all-Wales event, working together with our sister LERCs (SEWBReC, BIS and WWBIC) and the Wales Biodiversity Partnership.

It just goes to show what treasures we can find living close to home!

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