Submit Records

Submit Records

Submitting species records is easy! However you'll need to decide from the choices below how you do this. The method you choose may depend on the number and variety of species records and the frequency with which you wish to submit them. Please email us if you are unsure which method to use or need further advice on submitting records.

Before submitting your records, please be aware that they must contain the following four elements:

  • What did you see? Use the common name in either English or Welsh, or the Scientific name.
  • Where did you see it? Include a grid reference (at least 6 figure) and if possible a location name e.g. SH123456, Pant Glas Farm.
  • When did you see it? Ideally this should be the exact date, however the month, year or a date range is also acceptable.
  • Who saw it? Provide the full name of the person who saw the species.

Other information such as, the number of individuals seen, their sex etc. can be useful too. To help give your records a proper grid reference and species name, use the interactive map (inc. postcode and place name search) and species dictionary, available when you register with our Online Recording System (ORS).

Data submitted to Cofnod will be checked before it is entered into our main database. It will only be used for conservation purposes, in accordance with the policies available from our Library.

Use Cofnod's ORS

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Online Recording System

Cofnod's Online Recording System (ORS) is ideal for anyone who records wildlife, but would prefer not to store the records on their own computer. Register once and get loads of great features.

Use the LERC Wales App

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Submit records 'on the go' using the bilingual LERC Wales smartphone app, which uses your phone's GPS to locate where you are and an online species dictionary and photo upload to make a note of what you've seen.

Send Data to a Local Expert

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Local experts help check, collate and distribute species records. Each covers a defined area and group of species. Submit your records to them and they'll find their way to us.

Email Us Your Records

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Whether it's a single species record or a spreadsheet or database, email us your records and we'll make sure it gets into the system. Download the Cofnod Recording Spreadsheet to help you manage your records.