About Us

About Us

Cofnod is one of four Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs) in Wales and forms part of the first national network of LERCs anywhere in the UK. Our name, which means 'a record' in Welsh, was chosen to reflect the importance of observing and recording wildlife, with the creation of a record being the starting point for all the data we hold. Our task is to bring together all these individual records into a centralised database, allowing us to have better knowledge of the environment in which we live. Our objectives are to provide:

  • high quality biodiversity and geodiversity information
  • support for wildlife recorders and environmental professionals
  • mechanisms to help make better environmental decisions

Documents relating to Cofnod, including our policies, can be found in our Library.

Our Area

From our office in Bangor, our area of interest extends across all North Wales' counties and includes the Snowdonia National Park. This is a large and varied geographic area (6342 km2), with the largest number of protected sites (over 300 Sites of Special Scientific Interest across over 1200km2) of all the Welsh LERC regions. Our region covers a range of semi natural habitats from uplands (including the Snowdonia mountain range), to coastal (over 600 km of coastline), grasslands, woodlands, heathlands, wetlands and freshwater. Many of the habitats, and the species they support, are of international significance. Our region also supports a wide range of geological features, with internationally renowned geological complexes, particularly in North West Wales.

Data We Hold

Together with the support of organisations, groups and individual recorders, Cofnod is bringing together the largest range and number of biodiversity and geodiversity data anywhere in North Wales. All this data has been shared freely with us and we employ strict quality standards to ensure that the data we hold is fit for use. Although our focus is mainly on terrestrial species and habitats, we will also accept data for the marine environment and will pass this on to the most appropriate marine data archive.


Cofnod is a 'not for profit' organisation, with most of our running costs being met by our supporting partners. Since April 2007 we have been providing a range of services to partners, commercial organisations and voluntary recorders. Further details of the services we provide can be found on our Data Request page.

Our current Supporting Partners are...

Conwy County Borough CouncilDenbighshire County CouncilFlintshire County CouncilGwynedd CouncilNatural Resources WalesNorth & Mid Wales Trunk Road AgentSnowdonia National ParkWelsh Government

Who We Are


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