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HouseWelsh Ornithological Society

Rooks are in trouble and need help. They have been moved from Green to Amber in the recently published Birds of Conservation Concern 5 and are classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN European Red List. Here in Wales, they appear to be in more trouble than elsewhere. The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) index for Wales fell by 58% during 1995–2018, accelerating after 2010, and our rate of decline is considerably greater than in any other UK nation.

To try and establish why the decline has been so rapid here; to map out in greater detail the distribution of Rook and to create a robust breeding population estimate in Wales, the Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS) is running a breeding Rook Survey during the springs of 2022/2023. It will be a tetrad (2km x 2km) based survey and, across Wales, a total of 563 tetrads will need to be surveyed as a minimum.

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