D1957/001/01 - Sepsidae Recording Scheme - records verified via iRecord

Pwnc Invertebrates
Crynodeb This dataset contains species records for Sepsidae species covered by the recording scheme, and that have been verified by the recording scheme. Records are from datasets made available via the iRecord verification process - these records may originate from direct addition of records to iRecord, or via other datasets that have been added to iRecord for verification purposes.
Grŵpiau Rhywogaethau Insect - True Fly (Diptera) [4]
Ardal Daearyddol/Enw'r Safle General: UK
Perchennog y Gyfres Ddata Sepsidae Recording Scheme
Cyswllt y Gyfres Ddata Steven Crellin
Amrediad Dyddiad 1995 - 2017
Cyfanswm y Cofnodion 4
Manylion am Gyfyngiadau Standard Restrictions Only
Cynabyddiaeth Sepsidae Recording Scheme/Dipterists Forum
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Teitl Gwreiddiol Sepsidae Recording Scheme - records verified via iRecord
Diben Records are collated in order to add to knowledge of this group of insects, including distribution, population trends, autecology and phenology. In addition, the scheme works with all contributing recorders to raise the profile of the species group and its conservation. Sharing the data via NBN helps achieve these aims.
Dullau Cofnodi This dataset includes all records of the relevant species that have been made available for verification via iRecord. Most of these are ad hoc records from volunteer recorders, but may also include data from professional surveys and from citizen science projects such as bioblitzes. All data are subject to the same verification checking, which aims to ensure that any record that is unusual (due to time of year, location, or species identified) is queried, and only accepted if supporting evidence (photo, specimen, confirmation from additional recorders) is provided. All records are checked, and the scheme believes that a high degree of confidence can be placed in this data; however, the scheme cannot guarantee that all records which pass the verification checks are correct.
Gweithdrefnau Dilysu/Gwirio The iRecord system has NBN record cleaner rules incorporated within it. In addition, the scheme operates further checks for outlying records (based on species, location and date). The route by which data arrives for verification in iRecord can vary, and comes from recorders with a wide range of experience, but the same verification process is applied to all data and the scheme believes that the dataset provided to NBN is of high quality.
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Trefnyddion y Cynllun Cenedlaethol Sepsidae Recording Scheme
Categori'r Gyfres Ddata Category 03: Dataset originates from other trusted source
Statws y Gyfres Ddata Data Collection Ongoing
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Dyddiad Mewnforio 11/06/2020