D1297/027/01 - BirdTrack records (2019 data from Vice-County 51 (Flintshire))

Pwnc Birds
Crynodeb This dataset contains incidental bird records submitted to the BTO's online recording system, BirdTrack. Records are from a number of different areas within North Wales and have been passed to us by relevant County Recorders.
Grŵpiau Rhywogaethau Bird [39857]
Ardal Daearyddol/Enw'r Safle General: North Wales
Perchennog y Gyfres Ddata British Trust for Ornithology
Cyswllt y Gyfres Ddata Miscellaneous
Amrediad Dyddiad 2019
Cyfanswm y Cofnodion 39857
Manylion am Gyfyngiadau Standard Restrictions Only
Cynabyddiaeth Ian M. Spence and British Trust for Ornithology
Expand/Collapse Manylion Pellach
Teitl Gwreiddiol BirdTrack records
Dullau Storio Data Stored on BirdTrack database and downloaded on to Excel.
Disgrifiad y Modiwl 2019 data from Vice-County 51 (Flintshire)
Dullau Cofnodi BirdTrack provides a live data entry system and access to recent bird records for a specific geographic area.
Coladwyd y Data gan British Trust for Ornithology
Casglwyd y Data gan British Trust for Ornithology
Trefnyddion y Cynllun Cenedlaethol British Trust for Ornithology
Categori'r Gyfres Ddata Category 04: Dataset awaiting/undergoing assessment as part of the Data Verification Process
Statws y Gyfres Ddata Data Collection Ongoing
Dyddiad Cwblhau'r Prosiect Rhoi Data N/A
Dyddiad Mewnforio 14/09/2020